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HEC foreign scholarships

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HEC has many programmes for the foreign scholarships. Students are sent to the leading universities of Europe, America, China, Cuba and other foreign regions for PhD programmes in different disciplines.

The scholarship for PhD in basic sciences had been awarded to the students for China which has now been rolled back in 2006 and all the scholars have completed their studies by the year 2010.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright scholarship is being awarded to the students who seek admission in the leading universities in America. It is for masters and PhD level. The scholars and professionals applying for the Fulbright scholarship are supposed to have good command in English language and could communicate well in it. Your application for the scholarship must be attached with your proposal which must be complete in all respects and there must be some very reasonable grounds that it relates to your job and how your studies shall be beneficial for international once you have completed your masters or PhD. When the programme is announced applicants are requested to download their application from the official website of USEFP (United States Education Foundation in international) or they may take application form in person from their office. Once the form is completed with all requirements it must be submitted to the same office.

International Research Support Programme

The need is felt that the students who are already enrolled in PhD programme in the universities of international must enrich their studies in the way that they are provided with the opportunities to go abroad. It is in this connection International Research Support Programme was launched which supports them for SIX months in the leading universities abroad in order to enhance their studies and make them more productive. This shall improve the quality of research in international at the same time.

Partial Support for PhD

This programme is also for the PhD level students abroad and as the very title indicates this is not the full scholarship programme rather it is only partial financial benefits for the students abroad who are about to complete their studies.

Commonwealth Scholarships

This is the oldest scholarship programme for PhD announced in late 1950s. Applicant are required to visit the official website of HEC for apply once the criterion if fulfilled.

60% marks in masters and 50% in other degrees and certificates are must. Application for PhD is preferable. Applicant must have IELTS with 50 or more marks and in the medical fields marks requirements are greater. Applicants are short listed on the bases of academics, quality or the proposal sent along with application, how that research is beneficial for international and the potential the candidate has. M.Phil leading to PhD for professional This programme is for professionals for the leading universities of Germany, Austria and France. Before that scholars are required to have SIX months language course.

HEC Scholarships: Step-by-step procedure

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